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May 05–08 2008: fmx/08 artek

In February we had been invited to fmx/artek, a newly created slot at fmx for experimental developments with an artistic touch. The fmx is a very well known digital media conference for 2d/3d animation, visual effects and games in Stuttgart, taking place every year since 2000. From the 5th of May through the 8th we had a self-made stand right at the entrance area of the "Haus der Wirtschaft" where all artek projects were exhibited.
Our stand mainly consisted of two playing stations equipped with haptic devices and headphones and one 37" LCD screen where we presented a newly created how-to-play tutorial and replays. As we experienced at various exhibitions (like Girls Day, a small event at the University istelf, or Munich Gaming) one important and very interesting thing for the players was to watch how they did after they finished or aborted the game. So we integrated a mechanism to replay the movement of the players if they wanted to see it exclusively for the show at fmx/artek. Unfortunately we did not have the time to implement live play over network but there were very few requests for it.
We were well prepared with a lot of information material like flyers, concepts and even business cards. But the most important thing were our questionnaires. Although packed with many questions (we had tough times making it fit on A4 sheets) we were very surprised to see that nearly every player took the time and answered everything meticulously. We now have a pack of about 200 questionnaires and replays to be analyzed. The summary will help us to improve the game play of sonus:portals and future episodes.
The feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive and rich in requests. We also gave different interviews and are looking forward to be mentioned in some journals and online magazines soon. We will publish the links in the news section.

It was a great pleasure and honour to be there. All of us who had been at fmx enjoyed it and gained lots of experience.
Definately looking forward to fmx/09!

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5th/6th of April 2008: Munich Gaming 2008

With Munich Gaming being the first real gaming event in Munich we got the chance to present sonus:portals there. At the 5th and 6th of April 2008 we had a seperate place with one station to play at the desk of MedienCampus Bayern e.V. The special thing about this event was the fact that these two days had the purpose of introducing games to non-gamers, parents and a lot of other interested people. To our surprise nearly every visitor could identify with the game as it is not the typical gamer you would expect. The fact that you do not sit in front of a computer display and do not need a mouse and a keyboard is a great possibility to show the people that gaming can be more than that. Overall the visitors were excited by the game and everyone who played sonus:portals reached at least one portal.

Munich Gaming
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28th of January 2008:
Final project presentation ("Multimedia Presentation" – Abraxas, Augsburg)

On the 28th of January 2008 we finalized the project with a presentation and conclusion of the work we did in the project semester. With three other projects that were made by fellow students we were able to book the Abraxas Augsburg for one day to organize the showcase and to make our projects finally available to the public. With the help of our sponsors we realized a stand for sonus:portals where the 400 attendants could get information about the project and even play the game. The formal presentation was performed by one of our project leaders, Alexander Lawrence and Raphael Estrada, both members of the development team. The whole presentation and especially our project gained much respect and appreciation and was widely recognized by attendants as well as local radio stations and newspapers.

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