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General Informations

We would like other developers to profit from the work we have done in order to realize sonus:portals. What we can offer you is the infrastructure the game is based on. It is not yet a framework but we gave our best in documenting the source code and writing manuals. Please make sure to meet the system requirements and to read our instructions carefully in order to set everything up right.


System Requirements

1. Hardware

  • a haptic device supporting the HDAL API (e.g. Novint Falcon)
  • EAX-enabled Soundcard (Hardware EAX support and atleast 32 voices)
  • Closed stereo headphones or a surround speaker setup (>4.1)
  • 1.0 GHz Processor
  • a graphics card with native DirectX 9.0c support and atleast 128MB
  • a minimum of 512 MB RAM

(Though you should be able to run sonus:portals on lower specs)

2. Software

  • Windows system (XP with SP2 or Vista — 32 and 64bit supported)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for development


» Download the source files here «

See installation and documentation tabs for further instructions.


Installation: Step-by-Step

  1. Download the source files
  2. Download and install all external used libraries:
    Box2D, Irrlicht, Novint SDK, OpenAL and TinyXML
  3. Add following system variables:
    OPENAL_HOME = Directory of OpenAL
    BOX2D_HOME = Directory of Box2D
    IRRLICHT_HOME = Directory of Irrlicht
    TINYXML_HOME = Directory of TinyXML
  4. Make sure the system variable NOVINT_DEVICE_SUPPORT is pointing to the Novint SDK directory
  5. Open the sonus project with MSVS2008


The software documentation was created with doxygen. It is a full documentation of all classes and the whole functionality of the game. You can view the documentation online or download it here.

Also have a look at the sonus Paper for further information.


Support & Bug Report

#sonus on IRCnet